At Corteva Agriscience™, we’re committed to doing what’s right. We hold ourselves to high ethical standards and we work transparently. We extend those standards to our hiring process. When you apply for a job at Corteva, you can expect a straightforward process that respects your time and values our growing relationship.

Explore & Prepare


Explore & Prepare

The first step in your journey is getting to know Corteva! Do a little digging and make sure we’re a fit for you, too. We encourage exploring our website, visiting our social media sites, and connecting with peers who experience life at Corteva every day.

If you decide this feels like the place for you, prepare your LinkedIn/WeChat profile and resume.

Search & Apply


Search & Apply

The next step is searching our open positions to find out where you can grow your skills, experiences, and future at Corteva.

Once you find an open position that piques your interest, fill out the application form on our career portal. Remember – this is our first chance to meet you and we want to understand how you can strengthen our team. Take your time and do your best to prioritize the most relevant skills and experiences that fit your desired role.

Quick Review & Prescreening


Quick Review & Prescreening

To keep the hiring process moving, we’ll confirm that your experiences and skills meet the specific requirements of the job. Depending on the role, a recruiter and/or hiring manager may ask you to either participate in a quick video introduction or schedule a brief call with you. This step helps confirm that you’re a great fit for the role.




Once we’ve confirmed mutual interest and fit for the role, it’s time for an interview! Depending on your desired role or location, we’ll ask you to participate in a video or an on-site interview. For on-site interviews you’ll meet with a hiring manager and several other potential team members.

Offer & Acceptance


Offer & Acceptance

After a successful interview, if there is a mutual interest in moving forward, our hiring team will make a final decision. If it’s a fit, we’ll extend a formal offer to you! As part of that offer, you’ll receive information about compensation and benefits. At this stage, your recruiter and/or hiring manager will be ready to answer any final questions you have to make your decision.




If your decision is yes – congratulations! We’re excited for you to start growing what matters with us! From here, we’re focused on getting you prepared for a successful start at Corteva and you’ll receive the tools you need to hit the ground running before day one.

Your resume is your chance to stand out and show us why you’re the perfect fit. When you update your LinkedIn/WeeChat talent profile or resume, here are a few tips for bringing your best to our attention:

Stay Relevant.

Make sure you connect the dots between your skills and experiences and each job requirement. Remember, not every skill or experience is an exact match, so think creatively about how your skills and experiences are relevant to the job at hand.

Give Us The Details.

Nobody knows what you bring to the table better than you do. Help us understand your potential by providing details about specific projects or assignments you’ve worked on. Be sure to include the actions you took and the results you achieved – we’re looking at you, winner!

Lead The Way.

We are always looking for individuals who are ready to take the lead. Tell us about any roles or assignments where you stepped up (even if it didn’t come with a formal title).

Use Your Strengths.

We realize that current students and new graduates have limited work experience. Help us see your potential and initiative by including your GPA, school-related projects, and any volunteer work that shows us how your skills will translate to the job at hand. If you’re unsure where they fit, but have special skills, please include them!


Don’t let spelling errors or bad grammar distract us from your talent. Take the extra step and proofread your resume – it’s so worth it.

Sometimes a face-to-face interview isn’t necessary or physically possible. That’s why we’ve got the technology to get us in the same room (sort of). If you’re asked to record an interview or conduct a live interview via video, here are some tips to help you shine:

Power Up!

Before you start a digital interview double check your power, internet connection, and speakers.

Get Quiet.

Keep the focus on you by finding a quiet place to record or conduct your live interview.

Dress To Impress.

Even though you aren’t physically on-site for the interview, it’s still important to dress appropriately, so you can feel your best.

Ask Questions.

Get the most from our time together! Prior to a live video interview, make sure to write down a few questions for the recruiter or hiring manager. Remember, this is a two way conversation and a great chance to get a sense of the role and life at Corteva Agriscience.


Fun fact: smiling is contagious! If you’re smiling, chances are we are too – we’re excited to meet you! Smiling is a great way to convey approachability and confidence (two things we look for).

Check Spam.

If your recruiter has reached out to you about completing a video interview and you haven’t received the email with your link, check your spam folder.

If you’re invited to an on-site interview, you’ll likely meet with the hiring manager and potential teammates throughout your day. If you applied for an internship or entry-level position, your interview may be on campus with a team of hiring managers or campus ambassadors. No matter where your on-site interview takes place, here are a few tips that always help ensure you have a great experience:

Be Early!

Avoid unexpected delays with traffic or parking by planning to show up a few minutes early. You’ll have a few extra minutes to gather your thoughts and get ready to bring your best.

Bring Examples.

We’ll be asking you behavioral-based and technical questions that relate to your desired role. Have a few examples jotted down to help you remember. A great example of a behavioral-based question is, “Tell me about a time you set a goal and achieved it.” The answers we’re looking for include describing the situation, the actions you took, and the results you achieved.

Ask Questions!

Interviews are as much about getting to know you as they are about getting to know us! Bring questions that will help you determine if life at Corteva Agriscience is for you! Our social media channels are a great place to learn about what we do at work and at play, and they may help you come up with some questions for our team.

Dress For Success!

It’s always a good idea to check with your recruiter about the most appropriate dress code for your interview, but here are some basic guidelines:

Corporate Office

Business professional or business casual

Field Locations

Business casual; jeans acceptable too!


Check with your campus career services office, but when in doubt – business!

Every hiring journey is unique, but here are some of the questions we hear most often from talented people who start the journey with us.

When do I follow up after an interview?

Every interview is different. We recommend adding this to the questions you have for your interviewer. It shows them you’re interested and helps you avoid any unnecessary anxiety. Ask for the date you should follow up and the best way to reach out to your interviewer. Once armed with this information, follow the recommended steps to the letter (it shows you’re listening).

What if I don’t know anyone inside the company? Should I just apply online?

Absolutely! Most of our hires are from direct outreach from the recruiting team or from interested candidates applying for roles. Of course, we always appreciate when our employees refer great candidates to us, but it’s never a hiring requirement. Before you decide you don’t know anyone here, have a look at LinkedIn – you might be surprised or find someone in your network who can make an introduction.

Should I use a separate resume for every job?

100% yes! No two job descriptions are the same, so the chances your resume aligns perfectly every time are not realistic. Make sure your resume prioritizes the required skills and technology requested in each job description. Also be sure you reference the work processes and specific keywords mentioned in the job description.

When will I hear back after an interview?

Our process varies by role or region, but one thing is clear – we want you to know where you are in the hiring journey! Even though we routinely send out correspondence to our candidates for each role they’ve applied to, we encourage tracking your application status on our website. If you haven’t received an update from us, please check your spam filter!

Can I take notes during an interview?

Taking notes during an interview is a great way to remember important points and stay focused for follow up questions. Before you begin, show you value confidentiality by asking the interviewer if it’s OK to take notes.

Should I


If you’re wondering whether you should send a thank you email, network with people, or do anything else that shows you’re genuinely interested in the role, the answer is yes! Don’t hesitate – when you take the time to show us your excitement, we get excited too!